Saturday, April 9, 2016

Using winscp for transferring files to amazon ec2 instance in windows desktop

Before we start you need to download winscp and puttygen tools

Convert you amazon pem key (ssh key) from pem to ppk file. you will get this pem key from amazon console whenever you create the new instance.
  • Start PuttyGen
  • Select "import key" under "conversations" tab from the top menu.
  • Browse and select your pem file.
  • Click on "Save Private Key" to save private key as ppk file. 

  • Install WinScp using default settings/options. 
  • Enter username and hostname (username is generally ec2-user in default OS at AWS, and hostname can be noted from aws console)
  • Click on the "advaced" button and go to "authentication" menu option.
  • Browse and select your newly created ppk file at "Private key file" box and click OK.
  • Connect/ Login to the host